I am from Another Planet, or, My Third Eye Chakra Needs Cleaning

I have taken every medication known to man in order to combat my chronic insomnia. Ambien. Doxepin. Lunesta. Thorazine. Seroquel. Ambien. Ambien. Klonopin. Xanax. You name it. I exercise and eat right more than I don’t exercise or eat right. I don’t eat refined sugar and yes, I practice good sleep hygiene. But my schedule lately is ALL.FUCKED.UP.

Sometimes I get up at 7 a.m. and go to bed at 10 p.m. Other nights I toss and turn so much from an overactive imagination coupled with chronic neck and back pain. On those nights I don’t sleep at all and I just get out of bed and start doing things that need to be done. I clean. I write. I pet the cat.

According to Shree Bindu Sewa, “The location of the sixth chakra, the third eye or Shiva’s eye is often used in meditation as a point of focus and concentration. It is the chakra of our intuition and everything that happens in our subconsciousness. It also stands for intellect, knowledge and memory.

Physically it coordinates the activity of the pituitary gland and of the small brain. Blockages in the Aagya Chakra can result in insomnia, headaches and fatigue whereas people with high energy in the sixth chakra have self-control, a sharp mind and an intuition which sometimes may seem to others like clairvoyant powers.”

This explains it all. I just need to clean out my 3rd Eye. Why didn’t someone just tell me that?

But, seriously, there is probably some blockage I am not aware of and I will look further into the possibility. The only other possibility is that I’m from another planet whose days are equal to 3 of our solar days and that’s why I only sleep twice a week here on Earth. Or not.


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