I Have Been Nominated for a LIEBSTER Award!!!



Wow! I don’t know what to say! But Megan over at THE WAR IN MY BRAIN has nominated me for a Liebster Award! How cool is that? Until today I didn’t know what a Liebster Award was, but I’m mighty proud that Megan thinks I’m cool enough to deserve one! Cheers Megan! 

So, here goes- 11 Things About Me. I hope I’m doing this right! 

1. I love cats

2. I have lived in a lot of places during my short time here on Earth; Chicago, New Orleans, Loveland, Clearwater, Pensacola and Texas. 

3. I love cats but I hate dogs. 

4. I have Cervical Osteoarthritis and a lot of other neck and back problems along with Bipolar Disorder, OCD and Panic Disorder. 

5. I love CSI Miami and Horatio Caine. 

6. I hate cleaning the kitchen but I love doing laundry! 

7. I like the number 44. 

8. I have 3 children. 

9. My mom and dad were both adopted. 

10. I like beer. 

11. I love taking pictures! 


5 thoughts on “I Have Been Nominated for a LIEBSTER Award!!!

  1. Megan메간 says:

    It turns out we have quite a bit in common 🙂 I too love double numbers, which I think is part of OCD in a way. I love cleaning the kitchen, but hate doing the laundry. I have to fold it standing up because for some reason it makes me super nauseated. Cats and beer of course are loves of mine as well. I love the list and so happy that you accepted the award! You deserve it 🙂


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