Kratom for Health and Wellness Support

Cutting out unhealthy foods along with toxic chemicals like antidepressants, pain pills, cigarettes and caffeine can be extremely challenging. I’ve tried and failed many times. Now, with help from an ancient plant called Kratom (which is a relative of the coffee plant) I’m on my way to a healthier lifestyle. I follow a low-carb diet due to insulin resistance and pre-diabetes and Interstitial Cystitis (an incurable disease of the bladder thought to be an auto immune disorder.) It can be difficult to find energy with very little carbs in my diet so I look to this wonderful plant for energy,and in higher doses it can be used as a sleep aid for those with insomnia (which I struggle with also.) I’m currently taking Elavil for insomnia, interstitial cystitis and depression. It also helps me with sensitivity to lights, sounds and an overly stimulating environment. But, like most medication, it has too many side effects for me. It causes bloating, weight gain and leaves me feeling like a zombie the next morning. Thankfully Kratom is there to help! I have found that Kratom helps me with insomnia, low energy levels, pain (it’s 15x stronger than morphine even though it isn’t an opiate, but it does have alkaloids that bind to the  μ opiate receptors in the brain.)

A great site to learn about Kratom is Green Leaf Kratom. I use them exclusively for all my Kratom needs and am highly satisfied with their wonderful customer service!

Stay tuned for updates on my journey to health and wellness. I will be sharing tips and tricks for getting through the detox phase of your diet which is highly recommended before beginning a weight loss program. Remember, everyone responds differently to certain diets. Choose a diet that works for you. I’ve tried being a vegan, a pescetarian, low-carb, low-fat, paleo, low calorie, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. I have found that for me, I have to restrict fruits due to my insulin resistance. I usually combine Paleo with Atkins and that works best for me. No matter who you are, whole grains should not be a part of your diet due to the gluten and addictive properties of wheat. To learn more about why you shouldn’t be eating wheat, check out Wheat Belly by William Davis, M.D.

Have a great week everyone!

Photo credit: Kratom Reviews on WordPress


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