Four Delightful Fig Recipes for Summer Gatherings

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My fondest childhood memories are of those delectable fresh figs I used to pick directly from our tree when I lived in Louisiana. The taste, the texture and the silky sweet juice of a freshly picked, ripe fig cannot compare to a Fig Newton. Unfortunately, that happens to be as close to a fig as some people get. For those of you who know the pure ecstasy of biting into a fresh fig, you know what I’m talking about.

The fig is a funny fruit, though. It’s actually a flower that has inverted into itself. The seeds are called drupes and are the true fruit.

Considered so precious by the Greeks, they were once forbidden to export them out of the country. Even today figs are thrown at newlyweds in parts of southern Europe as commonly as we throw rice at American weddings.

Besides the fact that figs are deliciously sweet, they are highly nutritious, boasting, 5 grams of fiber per three-fig serving.

Figs are also a great source of potassium and are high in antioxidants. They are a great snack since they do not need to be peeled. Just wash and pop right into your mouth!

This fig season, which starts in late June and continues into Fall, Publix will carry several varieties, including Kadota, Brown Turkey, Black Mission and my favorite- Calimyrna figs.

I made it a point a few years back to try every variety and while they are great by themselves, you can also use them in the following tasty recipes from the August Issue of Southern Living (my favorite magazine!)


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