A Look Back at Pensacola Beach

The shore is a place of simplicity, where ocean meets sand and beautiful treasures are left behind. ~ Sarah Jane O’Keefe

Pensacola Beach
Photo by Heather Culpepper

As I shuffled through the grocery store today, I glanced at a few magazines that caught my eye. Among my favorite magazines are Coastal Living, Southern Living and Country Garden. These magazines demonstrate class and style across the board. Each month Southern Living features an article by Pulitzer Prize winning author Rick Bragg which always manages to get a chuckle or two out of me. His writing style makes me feel as if I’m being transported in time and space to the landscape of his mind.

Today I noticed a magazine I’ve never seen before called Seaside Style. Having lived on the Gulf Coast for a better part of my 44 years on Planet Earth, I can truthfully say that I never get sick of the beach or the houses that dot the shore.

Thinking back to the years I lived in Pensacola, I wish I had taken more time to get out to the beach and let my hair down and enjoy some relaxing fun in the sun. Sure, in my early 20’s I did quite a bit of that, but I’m older now and the beach isn’t a party for me anymore. It’s a place of tranquility as I listen to the waves pound the shore to a rhythm of time I am not acquainted with, but should be. It’s the rhythm of life in the slow lane. Rarely do we take the time to live life in the slow lane anymore as we glue our faces to computer screens and tablets and iPhones. We play Words with Friends, but forget to play with our real friends in real life.

So I want to take the time to share some photos with you that I took in 2010 when I lived near the water. On most days I forget how lucky I was to live so close to the pristine beaches of Pensacola, but, at least I have the photographs to remind me.

Photo by Heather Culpepper
Photo by Heather Culpepper
Photo by Heather Culpepper
Photo by Heather Culpepper
Photo by Heather Culpepper
Photo by Heather Culpepper



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