Comfort Food without the Guilt: Cajun Crab Cake Recipe

Cajun Crab CakesAs any girl from Louisiana knows, crab cakes always go best with beer. But if you’re watching your figure, that might not be an option. Ok, maybe you can have just one since this recipe is so sinfully delicious but made without all the sodium and preservatives you find in store bought brands that come in a *gasp* box! I honestly never knew that seafood came in a box! LOL!

Ok, seriously, I whipped this recipe up one day after a disillusioning trip to WalMart on a mad hunt for crab cakes. When I read all the ingredients I nearly fainted. There was no way I was eating that goop! So, I studied the main ingredients, went home and came up with this lovely Cajun Crab Cake recipe that everyone in my household loved so much they begged for more!

Mind you, this recipe is not gluten free or Paleo, but it is considered a healthy cheat meal on a day when you just need that extra special something.

Louisiana Cajun Crab Cakes

I originally wrote this recipe for myself, then I submitted it for publication in Bella magazine, which you can see in the image below. You may click on the image itself for a larger view. Enjoy!

Bella Magazine




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