People Say the Darndest Things about Diet

Something I commonly hear from people who criticize Paleo, Low Carb or whatever kind of diet one follows is this: “When you go off the diet, you gain all the weight back.” Well, of course you do, because you go back to eating the same food that made you fat in the first place. To me, that just seems like good common sense.

For example, my boyfriend loves football and with our tv set to ESPN on a daily basis, I’ve had the opportunity to watch a lot of shows where former NFL athletes appear to present current NFL stars with some kind of award. The thing I have noticed is that a lot of these former athletes have gained a tremendous amount of body fat. I can only speculate to why that is, but I think it might go something like this:

When you’re a football player or any other type of athlete, you train hard and therefore can burn a lot more of what you eat. When I was participating in gymnastics, softball, ballet, running track, on the swim team and playing basketball I could eat anything and everything and I did. I ate A LOT. But I was 100-110 lbs with a body fat percentage ranging from 10-12%. I carried that same insatiable appetite with me to college, but the only difference was that I became inactive, bought a car and stopping walking everywhere I went.

At some point in my 20’s I would go days without eating then I would binge and each time this would happen, I would get fatter. I damaged my already slugging metabolism even further. Then I started eating food when I couldn’t deal with negative emotions. When I got angry I would eat an entire pie. But when I got really, really down in the dumps depressed and feeling hopeless, I didn’t see the point of eating at all, so I would go days without eating. The yo-yo cycle was in full force.

Now I’m in my 40’s and while I walk an hour a day, that doesn’t mean I can eat what I used to eat as a young woman. My body (and my pancreas) changed a long time ago and I’m not the same person metabolically speaking as I used to be.

Every once in awhile I choose not to resist the Keebler Elves and their magic cookies. Now, only if those magic cookies had no effect on me or my mental health, I would eat them all the time.

Can you think of anything you’ve heard people say to you when they learn you’ve changed your eating habits? Sound off in the Comments section!





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