Selfless: A Prayer for Wholeness

Hi everyone. I hope you are all having a great weekend. I also hope the coming weeks bring you light, love and prosperity.

Yesterday I wrote a post about the new Cosmos series along with some thoughts on religion, spirituality and science. This morning a dear friend of mine commented on my post and it got me to thinking about a prayer I wrote about a year and a half ago.

When I wrote this particular poem I was struggling to find my way in the darkness. I was angry, bitter, alone. I had isolated myself from the rest of the world and I was not happy in any way. I longed for something deep and meaningful to come into my life. And then I realized it would not come into my life unless I opened myself up to be a channel for the Spirit of Love.

Here is the prayer I wrote:

Oh great Spirit, Creator of all that is, I ask in the name of Jesus the Christ for you to come into my heart and help me to be selfless. To put others’ needs before mine and to be understanding and compassionate. In the Spirit of Love, I ask to be the person that others look up to, to be there for my friends, to be grateful for all that I have. I am longing for wholeness. To be a light in others’ lives- to be an inspiration, a light in the darkness. Amen.



3 thoughts on “Selfless: A Prayer for Wholeness

    1. Pepper Culpepper says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Darkness comes and goes, but I am, for the most part, happy with my life! Not because things changed or got better, but because I learned to appreciate the beauty, people and family in my life.


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