Back to Basics: Why Pastured Eggs Are Superior to Cage-Free Organic Eggs and Why You Should Care



I agree with Kris Gunnars about the confusion surrounding eggs. Not just in terms of how eggs have been portrayed as being unhealthy in the media and all the cholesterol fear over them, but also in terms of labels.

Oh his website, Authority Nutrition, Gunnars notes:

    There are several different types of eggs, which can leave people confused. What all of them have in common is that they come from chickens, but they vary depending on how the chickens were raised and what they were fed.

  • Conventional Eggs – These are your standard supermarket eggs. The chickens are usually raised in an overfilled hen house or a cage and never see the light of day. They are usually fed grain-based crap, supplemented with vitamins and minerals. May also be treated with antibiotics and hormones.
  • Organic Eggs – Were not treated with antibiotics or hormones and received organic feed. May have had limited access to the outdoors.
  • Pastured Eggs – Chickens are allowed to roam free, eating plants and insects (their natural food) along with some commercial feed.
  • Omega-3 Enriched Eggs – Basically, they’re like conventional chickens except that their feed is supplemented with an Omega-3 source like flax seeds. May have had some access to the outside.

So, I decided I wanted to let my readers at Pensacola Home & Garden magazine know the differences between labels and what it all means. That’s why I wrote this article, which was published in the January 2015 issue of Pensacola HG.


Furthermore, here’s how to get the most from your eggs!


The protein in eggs is considered to be of such high quality and bio-availabililty that the proteins in all other foods are compared to eggs in order to determine their quality. 

How to Eat More Raw Egg Yolks |


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